Decoprint has a rich history

Since 1983, we have been producing premium quality, unique and innovative wallpapers, ‘Made in Belgium’.

In 2007, Philippe Debruyne acquired the company, guiding the growth and development of the business. Now with two generations actively involved, the company has short communication lines with a customer-centric flexible approach.

Mission & vision

Our driving force? Inspiring people, by surrounding them with positive emotions through our original designs, colors and materials. Sharing our craftsmanship and knowledge with customers to achieve the best possible result, is the aim goal.

Decoprint continues to invest heavily in its facilities in Zele, enabling the business to check the smallest details and refine them.

From carefully selected substrates, to the love of colour and design in our own collections, our attention to quality and innovation shines through. We continue to seek and develop environmentally-friendly materials and techniques so that the generations to come, can continue to share our passion for beautiful wallpapers.

Why choose Decoprint as a partner?

  • A full range of high quality materials, including eco substrates
  • The latest developments in both traditional analogue and digital printing
  • Wide offer of own collections, from classic to temporary
  • A reliable partner for editors. Full studio support from design through finished product
  • Great flexibility with print runs and packaging

Sustainability as a driving force

At Decoprint, we carefully think about the future. Therefore, we produce responsibly with environmentally friendly choices. For example, all our papers are selected from responsibly managed forests and all certified.
Furthermore, we consciously choose to work with an Ecodeco substrate,so that we can offer eco-friendly products that are PVC-free. Our inks are water-based for minimal environmental impact and maximum safety of our employees and customers.

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Want to know more about us?

Would you like additional information about Decoprint, what we stand for and/or what we can do for you?


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